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About Us

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering

As part of one of the largest and most prestigious technical university in sub-Saharan Africa, the Department of Chemical Engineering is a great place to be and to learn skills that can make the world better.

We offer two undergraduate courses: Bsc Chemical Engineering and BSc Petrochemical Engineering

We graduate over 100 chemical engineers and 70 petrochemical engineers a year who become entrepreneurs, researchers, leaders, and builders of tomorrow in academia, government, laboratories, mines and the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, processing and environmental industries.

Chemical/petrochemical engineers are involved in developing, processing, and marketing a wide variety of products such as fuels, food, plastics, metals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, building materials, and basic chemicals.

Our petrochemical engineering programme is quit new, the first batch graduated in 2013.

We offer a friendly, educationally stimulating environment and beyond technical knowledge, our programmes emphasize critical thinking, resourcefulness, problem solving, and teamwork.

Make the greatest impact. Our undergraduate programmes give students the confidence, experience, and connections to change the world.