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Research & Publications

Zsuzsanna Momade – Senior Lecturer

  1. F. W. Y. Momade, Zs. G. Momade (1999) Reductive leaching of manganese oxide ore in aqueous methanol-sulphuric acid medium, Hydrometallurgy 51,  p.103-113
  2. F. W. Y. Momade, Zs. G. Momade (1999) A study of the kinetics of reductive leaching of manganese oxide ore in aqueous methanol-sulphuric acid medium, Hydrometallurgy, 54, p.25-39
  3. Zs. G. Momade and E. Atiemo (2004) Evaluation of pozzolanic activity of some clays in Ghana, Journal of Science and Technology (JUST), Kumasi, Vol. 24 No. 1 p.76-83
  4. Zs. G. Momade and F. W. Y. Momade (2003) Hydrometallurgical extraction of manganese from mixed manganese oxide - carbonate ore, Paper presented on the 3rd School of Engineering Research Retreat SERR 3 (5-8 Aug. 2003) Proceedings p. 66-76
  5. Zs. Momade (2003) Investigating the use of local materials as flocculant, Paper presented on the 3rd School of Engineering Research Retreat SERR 3 (5-8 Aug. 2003) Proceedings p.77-86
  6. Momade, Zsuzsanna and Sarfo-Ansah, James (2009) Mechanically activated pozzolanas as partial substitute to ordinary Portland cement, Paper presented at the Construction Industry Research  Achievement International Conference (CIRAIC) 3-5th November 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  7. Appiah, F. F. and Momade, Zs. (2012) Analysis of quality of water at Kintampo, Ghana, International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (IJWREE), Vol. 4(10), pp. 314-321
  8. Sarfo-Ansah, James, Atiemo, Eugene and Momade, Zsuzsanna (2013) Application of mechanical energy to activate pozzolanas, International Journal of Engineering Research and Application (IJERA) Vol. 3, Issue 5, pp. 1717-1726
  9. Sarfo-Ansah, J., Atiemo, E., Boakye, K. A. and Momade, Zs. (2014) Comparative study of chemically and mechanically activated clay pozzolana, Materials Sciences and Applications, Vol. 5, pp. 86-94
  10. Andrews, S. K. Y. Gawu, Zs. Momade, and F. W. Y. Momade (2014) Genesis, Properties and Industrial Applications of Bauxite Lithomargic Clay, Chapter 17 in Clay and Clay Minerals: Geological Origin, Mechanical Properties and Industrial Applications, Edited by Liam R. Wesley, pages 417-434, NOVA Science Publishers
  11. Momade Zs. and Momade, F. W. Y. (2015) A preliminary study of the use of thermally activated lithomargic clay as adsorbent for fluoride in fluoride-contaminated water. 1st International Conference on Engineering, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship (ESTE 2015). 5-8 August 2015, IDL Conference Centre, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana


Dr. Lawrence Darkwah – Senior Lecturer

Journal articles

  1. Agyemang, E. O., Awuah, E., Darkwah, L, Arthur, R and Osei G. (2013) Water quality assessment of a wastewater treatment plant in a Ghanaian Beverage Industry. International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. Vol. 5(5), pp. 272-279
  2. Agyemang, E. O., Awuah, E., Darkwah, L., Arthur, R and Osei, G. (2013) Water quantity auditing of a Ghanaian beverage plant. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol. 3 No 1 pp. 35–41
  3. Osisiadan-Acheampong, P., Darkwah, L. and Asamoah-Boateng, G. (2013) Mine water and the environment: a case study at Central African Gold Bibiani Limited, Ghana. Global Advanced Research Journal of Physical and Applied Sciences, Vol. 2 (2), pp. 039 – 046

Conference papers

  1. Tottimeh, G. O., Darkwah, L. and Kuwornoo, D. K. (2013) Slow pyrolyticconversion of sawdust into bio-char and bio-oil, 2013 Annual Conference of the Ghana Institution of Engineers. 21 March 2013, Akroma Plaza, Takoradi
  2. Boakye, P., Darkwah, L., Mensah, E. and Yanful, E. K. (2013) Influence of reaction parameters on waste vegetable oil transesterification using unsupported potassium carbonate, 2013 Annual Conference of the Ghana Institution of Engineers. 21March 2013,Akroma Plaza, Takoradi
  3. Darkwah, L. (2013) Biofuels from non-edible sources - Research activities at KNUST ACPS&T Biofuels Workshop, 2 April 2013. Yilo Lodge, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra
  4. Pol, Avrant-Piera, Joan Cortes, Enrique Velo, Clement Owusu Prempeh, Lawrence Darkwah, Ishmael Edjekumhene and Kwesi Kissiedu. (2014) Feasibility study of biomass hybrid micro-plants for mini-grid based electricity services in rural communities in Ghana. Poster Presentation at Hamburg Biomass Conference, Germany


Dr. Martin Y. Woode – Senior Lecturer


  1.  Martin Yeboah Woode (29 November 2011) Portable kiln for ashing of agricultural waste. WIPO patent No. PCT/IB2011/055159  (Available at <>)
  2. Martin Yeboah Woode (17 November 2011) Interconnected system and method for the recovery and purification of potash from ashes of agricultural waste. WIPO patent No. PCT/IB2011/055160 (Available at <>)

Journal articles/Books

  1. M. Y. Woode, M. A. Achampong and Osei-Wusu Achaw (2014) Optimal conditions for ammonia leaching of copper/chalcocite-rimmed pyrite. Part1 International Journal of Advanced Research. Vol. 2 (5) pp. 1132-1141
  2. M. Y. Woode and M. A. Achampong (2014) Optimal conditions for ammonia leaching of copper/chalcocite-rimmed pyrite. Part 2 International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology. Vol. 3 issue 6 pp. 2049-2053
  3. M. Y. Woode and M. A.  Achampong (2014) Tea colour effect of ash leachates: Causes and prevention. International Journal of Chemical Sciences and Applications. Vol. 5 issue 2 pp. 86-89
  4. E. Asante, A. A. Adjaottor and M. Y. Woode (2013) Isolation of α-amylase from malted rice (wita7) extract using cassava starch column procedure. Africa Journal of Biotechnology.Vol. 12 (23) pp. 3738-3744
  5. E. Asante, A. A. Adjaottor and M. Y. Woode (2013) Malting characteristics of Wita7 variety of rice. Peak Journal of Food Science and Technology, Vol. 1 (5), pp. 61-67
  6. E. Moses, A. Nyamful, M. Y. Woode and E.G. Ankudey (2014) Solid state fermentation of Aspargillus niger MENA-IE and Rhizopus MENA-COIIA for glucoamylase production on agro residues. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publication. Vol. 4 Issue 6 pp. 1-4
  7. M. Y. Woode, E. Awarekabey and I. K. Amponsah (2014) The value of the cocoa been shell (hull) and the effect of various processing methods on the phyto-constituents and anti-oxidant activity of the nib and shell. Journal of Natural Products and Plant Resources Vol. 4 issue3 pp. 58-64
  8. E. G. Ankudey and M. Y. Woode (2014) Assessment and charecterisation of peroxidase activity in locally grown bean varieties from Ghana. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. Vol. 4 Issue 6 pp. 1-5
  9. M. A. Acheampong, E. D. O. Ansa, M. Y. Woode and E. Awuah (2014) Biosorption of Pb(II) onto Cocosnucifera shell and Moringaoleifera seeds. Chemical Engineering Communications DOI: 10.1080/00986445.2014.880424
  10. J. Addoteye-Duarmroh, D. Azanu, M.A. Achampong and M.Y. Woode (2014) Heavy metals and organo-chlorine pesticide residue levels in natural species in Kumasi metropolis, Ghana. International Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology 130-135
  11. G. Z. Gassan–Zadeh, M. Y. Woode and K. Mekhtiev (1984) The influence of chemical. composition of Ni/Cr oxides on their catalytic activities in the reduction of NO2 in the presence of oxygen. Azerb. Khim. Zhunal No.5 pp. 29 – 35 (in Russian)
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  18. M. Y. Woode and K. A. Hammond (2001) Effect of ashing temperature on yield and composition of ash from cocoa pod husk. Proceedings of the 1st School of Engineering Research Retreat (SERR 1) Coconut Grove Lodge, Obuasi; sept. 24-25 September 2001 pp. 34-42
  19. M. Y. Woode and Fredrick Teye (2002) Browning in potash from leached ashes - causes and prevention In Proceedings of the 2nd School of Engineering Research Retreat (SERR 2). Elmina Beach Resort, 19-21 September 2002, pp. 50-54.
  20. George Afrane, Martin Y. Woode and David S. Ogunniyi (2000) Mechanical Separation Processes, UNESCO/ANSTI, Nairobi, Kenya (an ANSTI sponsored textbook for African Universities) ISBN No. 92-9158-013-09


Dr. E. G. Ankudey - Lecturer

  1. Ankudey, E. G. and Woode, M. Y. (2014) Assessment and characterization of peroxidase activity in locally grown bean varieties from Ghana. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Vol.4 (8)
  2. Ankudey, E.G. and Zainudeen, M.N. (2014) Pervaporativeseparation of ethanol-water mixtures using composite membranes with hydrophilic zeolite fillers made from Ghanaian clay deposits. International Journal of Engineering Research, Vol. 5 (6)
  3. Nyamful, A., Moses, E., Ankudey, E. G.and Woode, M. Y. (2014) Solid state fermentation of AspergillusnigerMENA1E and RhizopusMENACO11A for glucoamylase production on agricultural residues. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. Vol. 4 (6) pp. 1-5


Mr. Nana Y. Asiedu - Lecturer

  1. Asiedu, N., Hildebrandt, D. and Glasser, D. (2013) Estimating thermodynamic and equilibrium quantities of exothermic reversible processes. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (23) pp. 7630-7639

  2. Asiedu, N., Hildebrandt, D. and Glasser, D. (2013) Modeling and simulation of temperature profiles in reactive distillation system for esterification of acetic anhydride with methanol. Chemical and Process Engineering Research, Vol. 10, pp. 51-94
  3. Asiedu, N., Hildebrandt, D. and Glasser, D. (2013) Kinetic Modeling of the hydrolysis of acetic anhydride at higher temperatures using adiabatic batch reactor (Thermos –flask). Journal of Chemical Engineering and Process Technology,Vol. 4, Issue 8
  4. Asiedu, N. Y., Hildebrandt, D. and Glasser, D. (2014) Batch distillation targets for minimum energy consumption. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 53 pp. 2751-2757
  5. NAsiedu, Hildebrandt, D. and Glasser, D. (2015) Geometry and reactor synthesis: maximising conversion of the ethyl acetate process. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, DOI 10 10007/s40090-015-0033-0
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  7. NanaAsiedu, Diane Hildebrandt, and David Glasser, (2014) Experimental simulation of two-dimensional attainable region and its application in the optimisation of production rate and process time of an adiabatic batch reactor. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (Accepted for publication)
  8. Nana Yaw Asiedu, Yaa Adoma Asiedu and Phanuel Coffie Kofi Bediako (2014) Estimating maximum growth rates of petroleum metabolizers from turbidity data using exponential growth method. Journal of Microbiology Research 4(3) 125-135
  9. Nana Yaw Asiedu, Yaa Adoma Asiedu and Phanuel Coffie Kofi Bediako (2014) Isolation, identification and characterization of some petroleum metabolism from soils contaminated with petroleum oils in Kumasi metropolis-Ghana. Journal of Microbiology Research 4(2) 117-124


Mr. Emmanuel Kwaku Baah-Ennumh – Lecturer

  1. R. Buamah, K. Akodwaa-Boadi, M. Paintsil, E. K. Baah-Ennumh, A. A. Adjaottor (2014) Modelling the chlorine decay process in a distribution network using a pilot system. Water Particle & Technology, Vol.  9, No. 4. pp. 534 - 550
  2. Obiri-Adjei, F. and Baah-Ennumh, E. K. (2012) The efficient pathway for the improvement of the plasticity retention index (PRI) of natural rubber. (Under peer review)
  3. Obiri-Adjei, F. and Baah-Ennumh, E. K. (2012) An Environmentally friendly model of Natural Rubber Processing (Under peer review)
  4. Obiri-Adjei, F. and Baah-Ennumh, E. K. (2011) Impact of various mechanical pre-treatment conditions on degradation kinetics of processed dry rubber, Under peer review
  5. Baah-Ennumh, E. K. (2002) Frontiers of Process Control Technology in Ghana: Teaching and Practice, 2nd School of Engineering Research Retreat (SERR 2), Elmina, Ghana, 19-21 September 2002
  6. Baah-Ennumh, K. E. (2001) Simulation of Settlement Storm Water, 1st School of Engineering Research Retreat (SERR 1), Obuasi, Ghana, 24-25 September 2001
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  10. Baah-Ennumh, E. K. (1991) Construction and performance study of a small scale gasifier, BSc Hons Project, Department of Chemical Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana
  11. Baah-Ennumh, E. K. and Pecku. R. L. (1991) Plant Design for the production of Syntax Shampoo, BSc Hons Project, Department of Chemical Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana


Dr. Benjamin Afotey– Lecturer

  1. Benjamin Afotey, Melanie Sattler, Stephen P. Mattingly and VictoriaC.P. Chen (2013) Statistical Model for Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from a Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicle. Journal of Environmental Protection Vol. 4, No. 8A, pp 8-15.
  2. Annabrabha Athappan, Sulak Sumitsawan, Roja Harith Gangupomu, Ketwalee Kositkanawuth, Parthen Parikh, Benjamin Afotey, Neelesh Sule, Sahithi Raj Kalidindi, Melanie L. Sattler and Yvette Pearson Weatherton (2013) Volatile organic compound emissions from surface coating facilities: Characterization of facilities, estimation of emission rates, and dispersion modeling of off-site impacts. Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol.4, No. 8A, pp. 123-141


Dr. Moses Y.Mensah – Lecturer

  1. Moses Yartey Mensah, Emmanuel Agyekum Fofie and Felix Offei (2013) The production of pozzolana using high calorific wastes. Journal of Environment, Vol. 02 Issue 01 pp.1-4
  2. Cynthia Ofori-Boateng, Ebenezer M. Kwofie and Moses Mensah (2012) Comparative analysis of the effect of different alkaline catalyst on biodiesel yield. World Applied Sciences Journal, Vol. 16, Issue 10, pp.1445-1449
  3. Ofori-Boateng, Cynthia, Kwofie, M. Ebenezer, and Mensah Y. Moses (2013) The prospects of electricity generation from municipal solid wastes (MSW) in Ghana: A better management option. Fuel Processing Technology. Fuel Processing Technology foproc. 2012.11.008
  4. Guotao Sun, Anders Thygesen, Marcel Tutor Ale, Moses Mensah, Finn Willy Poulsen, and Anne S. Meyer (2013) The significance of the initiation process parameters and reactor design for maximizing the efficiency of microbial fuel cells. Applied Microbiological Technology, DOI 10.1007/s00254-013-5486-5
  5. Edem Cudjoe Bensah and Moses Mensah (2013) Chemical pre-treatment methods for the production of cellulosic ethanol: Technologies and Innovations. International Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol. , Article ID 719607
  6. Edem Cudjoe Bensah, Francis Kemausuor, Kodwo Mieza, Zsófia Kádár, and Moses Mensah (2014) African perspective on cellulosic ethanol production. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, RSER-D-14-00921


Mr. Jim K. M. Mensah

Journal articles

  1. Jim, M., and Kim, K. J. (2012) Solubility of forms I and II of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate in formic acid, N-methylpyrrolidone, and N, N-dimethylformamide. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data57(2), 598-602
  2. Jim, M. and Kim, K. J. (2012) Effect of supersaturation on polymorphs of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate in drowning-out crystallization. Chem. Eng. Technol., 35: 995–1002 DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201100717
  3. Kabenla Mensah Jim, Kwang-Joo Kim, and Young-Nam Jang (2013) Effect of supersaturation on the particle size of ammonium sulfate in semi-batch evaporative crystallization. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52(32), 11151-11158. DOI: 10.1021/ie4007968.
  4. Mensah, J. and Kim, K. J. (2013) Polymorph screening technology by controlling crystallization, Chemical Engineering Transactions32, 2221-2226. DOI: 3303/CET1332371.


  1. J. Mensah, K. and J. Kim (2011) Effect of solvent on polymorphs of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate in solution crystallization. BIWIC 2011, 18thInternational Workshop on Industrial Crystallization, 7-9 September 2011, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (Oral presentation).
  2. K. C. Lee, D. M. Kim, J. K. Mensah, and K. J Kim (2011) Screening of solvent and co-former in co-crystallization of API’s, Book of Abstracts, ISIC 18, 18thInternational Symposium on Industrial Crystallization, 3-6 September 2011, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Poster presentation).
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  4. J. Mensah, D. M Kim, K. S. Lee, S, K. Youn and K. J Kim (2012) Polymorph screening technology: Rate-based solution-mediated transformation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), 19th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization, 7-9 September 2012, Tianjin, China (Oral presentation)
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Dr. M. A. D. Rockson - Lecturer

Journal Publication:

  1. Mizpah Asase, Ernest K. Yanful, Moses Mensah, Jay Stanford, Samuel Amponsah, (2009). Comparison of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems in Canada and Ghana: A Case Study of the Cities of London, Ontario, and Kumasi, Ghana. Waste Management 29 (2009) 2779–2786

Conference Presentations and Publications

  1. Kingsley Ofori Ameyaw, Mizpah A. D. Asase, George N.K Rockson (2012).  Case Study on the Production of Compost Using Solid Waste Technology and Management at Newmont Site in Ghana. Proceedings of 27th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Philadelphia, PA USA, March 11-14, 2012
  2. Mizpah A.D. Asase, Moses Y. Mensah, Samuel K. Amponsah (2008). Organised Source Separation of Household Waste – Pilot Study of University Staff Residences in Ghana. In Conference proceedings: 6th International conference ORBIT (Organic Recovery and Biological Treatment) 2008 - 13 - 15th of Oct. 2008, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  3. Mizpah A.D. Asase, Moses Y. Mensah, Samuel K. Amponsah, (2008). Development of Data-Based Decision-Support System for Management of Source Separated Municipal Waste in Kumasi, Ghana. Poster presented at the 21st International CODATA Conference Ukraine, Kyiv, 5 - 8 October, 2008
  4. Rockson G.N.K., Asase M.A.D., Trois C. (2008). Useful Recovery of Biodegradable Waste in Developing Countries: Source Separation versus Mechanical Biological Waste Pre-Treatment. In Conference Proceedings: Water and Sanitation in International Development and Disaster Relief, Edinburgh(UK), 28-30 May 2008, pg 431-440
  5. E. Ketibuah, M. Asase, S. Yusif, M. Y. Mensah, K. Fischer, (2004). Comparative analysis of household waste in the cities of Stuttgart and Kumasi – options for waste recycling and treatment in Kumasi. Proceedings for the 19th International CODATA Conference, Berlin, Germany — 7-10 November 2004


Nana Dr. Baah Boakye – Senior Lecturer (Part-time)

  1. Boakye, Nana (Dr) Baah et al (2006) Directory of Sources of Funds for Micro and Small Enterprise in Ghana.
  2. Boakye Nana (Dr) Baah (2006) “The role of Cottage Industries in Poverty Reduction and Wealth Creation” Ghana Institute of Engineers Lecture Series
  3. Boakye Nana (Dr) Baah (2005) “Polytechnics, Enterprise and National Development” Sunyani Polytechnic Lecture Series Vol.1
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  6. Boakye K. and Mittal, G. S. (1993) Changed in pH and Water Holding Properties of LongissimusDorsi Muscle During Beef Ageing.Meat Science 34 (334 - 349)


  1. Workshop on Enhancing Agribusiness Development Capacity in Ghana where a paper on “The Small Scale Agribusiness Sector in Ghana" was delivered.  Organised by the University of Ghana and University of Guelph, Canada, at La Palm Beach Hotel, Accra on 27th July. 2004
  2. Ashanti Economic Forum on the theme: Maximizing Ashanti’s Contribution to the Economic Development of Ghana. Topic: The Way Forward: Sectorial Problems and Solutions - Small Scale Industries" at Prempeh Assemble Hall, Kumasi, 10th April, 2002.
  3. Staff and Curriculum Development Workshop to members of academic staffs at Polytechnics of Tamale, Sunyani and Ho on “How to Supervise Students Project Works” on March , 2000, June 200 and October 2000 respectively.
  4. Staffs and Curriculum Development Workshop “How to Assess Student Work” University of Development Studies, Tamale, July 1996.
  5. Mechanical Engineering Seminar “The Measure of food Texture”, School of Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi (August, 1992)


Dr. Hamida O. Kassim Bote-Kwame – Visiting Senior Lecturer


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Mr. E. Awarikabey

  1. Woode, M.Y, Awarikabey, E., Boakye, P. (2013) Tea-Color effect of ash leachate – Causes and Prevention. Proceedings of the College of Engineering (COE) Retreat. Pp. 18-24
  2. Awarikabey, E., Amponsah, I.K, Woode, M.Y. (2014) The value of the cocoa bean shell (hill) and the effect of various processing methods on the phyto-constituents and antioxidant activity of the nib and shell. Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources, 4(3): 58-64. (Available online at