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Research Areas

The following Research is being carried by Academic Staff in the Department:

Dr. M. Y. Woode (Snr. Lecturer)

  • Production of Activated Carbon from appropriate local agricultural wastes
  • A search for the most economic use of cassava peels
  • Production of Sachet Tomato Pastes


Dr. Lawrence Darkwah (Lecturer)

  • Biodiesel production from vegetable oils
  • Cyanide detoxification (cont.)
  • Mine water and Environment
  • Rheological Studies of Natural products


Dr. M. Y. Mensah (Lecturer)

  • Production of biodiesel from local oilsResearch in Production of fuels from Plastic wastes
  • Pilot project for Source-sorting of municipal household wastes from the Asokwa Sub-Metro area
  • Research in the Treatment of Hazardous Waste with Energy Recovery
  • Optimization of the Production of Biodiesel from Jathropha and Palmoil (Project Continuation)
  • Research in Integrated cement industry using high calorific waste fractions as fuel


Mr. E. K. Baah-Ennumh (Lecturer)

  • Production of cellulosic Ethanol from indigenous materials (Miscanthus gigantus and Switch grass)
  • Process development for the production of biodegradable lubricants (using local vegetable oils as raw materials).
  • Formulation and production of refined-blended edible oil from local raw materials.
  • Simulation of process system using Radiotracer/Electrical Resistance Tomography TechnologiesEnvironmental Economic Analysis on Industry's Compliance with EPA regulations and codes in Ghana.

Mrs. Zsuzsanna Momade (Snr. Lecturer)

  • Production of pottery glaze
  • Quality of domestic water sources at Kintampo
  • Mechanical activation of pozzolanas
  • Production of high alumina refractory
  • Study of iron ore deposit in Sierra Leone
  • Purification of waste water from the oil industry


Dr. E.G. Ankudey (Lecturer)

  • Plant design for the production of alkaline serine protease from Bacillus subtilis
  • Isolation and purification of protease producing micro-organisms from local soil
  • Production of wine and wine-making enzymes from mangoes and pineapples
  • Production of activated charcoal from palm kernel shell